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Being grateful

I am so grateful today. I am in a warm place. A complete stranger took me in. I am also grateful for my husband even though we are not together right now physically. He gets me and that my friends says alot. I am grateful for all three of my kids, even if one is mad at me and wont talk to me. I am grateful that I am almost done with school. I am grateful for this day where I will get to spend it with my daghters and make sure i have taught them on how we do today, because I do not know when the next thanksgiving we will get to be toghter as our lifes journey will be taking us down very different roads. I hope everyone has a full tummy and fuller hearts today!



So I am currently living out of my car. With my 2 cats. Yes, it does suck, but I have come to being okay with it for the most part. The only major issue I have is my car is a p.o.s. I am thankful that I do have this car cause it would really suck if I didn’t have it. I am still trying to finish my degree, it has been so hard. I figure though once I get my degree I can obtain  a job that will get me out of this current situation that I am in. I miss my husband  and can’t wait for us to be reunited. I do believe that this will make us a stronger couple. I do not know why I have to do this all alone but I am sure in the end I will. Stay warm!