As the new year is approaching I am looking back at how much I have changed and grown. I simply do not believe in making resolutions for the new year. I think just make the changes you need to throughout the year. Do not be afraid to make changes. I know for me in this past year the biggest change was made for me. I am glad though that it did happen because this time last year I was not happy, I was actually mad and upset most of the time which led to being depressed for a minute. my life is not what I want but it is defiantly on the right track. I am happy right now even though my husband and I are miles apart and I miss him so much. This separation has brought us closer together and stronger as a couple. That says a lot because we were both ready to just walk away from each other. I have walked away from several toxic people though that were just keeping me down.

I also know that when things go wrong and falls apart it is sometimes for the best. So instead of going why me, why does the world hate me, which I was doing for several months, I said bring it do your best to knock me down.  It did bring its best shots at me and I am still here standing and smiling. It made me a stronger person that knows I can survive anything.