I am turning 39 years old on 1/8 and i have many interest that i would like to share with you. First I love nature and I think we all need to preserve mother earth.I don’t believe in the mainstream religion or for that matter i don’t believe anything the mainstream media tells us.I also do not like how the U.S. government is ran, they treat us like we are stupid, they allow poison in our foods and tell us we cant smoke weed. they allow people to get drunk and kill innocent people.They allow cigarettes that kill many. The U.S. government is about destroying the world and I want to destroy our current government.Don’t get me wrong I love America the country, the people in it well they need to wake up out of their fast food and lazy induced comma and wake the F*** up. I love taking pictures and sharing. I make jewelry.I love to cook. I want to open my own business with my husband. I have three kids who mean the world to me. I have so many interest that i want to share and hopefully just maybe wake you up to what is really going on in the world.