I have told my kids for year’s. That I have a serious health issue.

I have what is called ” Reverse Age syndrome.” The older my kids get, the younger  I become.

     Been Taken care of my self since I was thirteen and I am now 43. All of my kids are out of the house ages, 25, 23, an 20. I have told them for years. Please don’t ever try any drug, alcohol, or Tobacco. As they come from highly addictive personality type parents. Both  of my dads are drunks, for years I did meth.  I would explain, That they would find a drug and they would like it. Maybe not the first one. as in my case. I was a drunk by the time i was 6. Daddy’s little girl always getting him a beer and of course i had to take a drink. after a few years, my dads beer  would be half empty by  the time I gave it to him. Than I enjoyed coke, snorting it, smoking, it to slamming it in my arm. I was 16. My day had seen my wake up call. and he took my ass to Montana. I slept the whole way there and I have not slammed a needle in my arm since. Good thing to. Up next my personal Favorite,  Meth! Back when it was GOOD. I did Meth for  about 20 year’s, and the only time I did not do it was 3 different, 9 month occasions.Than I found the second best favorite. pot!  I was honest about why they should not try these life altering choices, nor should they in having kids.

I would say to them, whatever their krypton would be, it will consume them. drugs , alcohol, gambling, kids. I am very lucky. all three have listens to me, and did not follow in my foot steps. I wanted them all to graduate high school, all have gone to college. no drugs, no kids, my girls Stayed virgins till my middle daughter was 19 and my youngest if she hasn’t in the past week, will be going down real soon.

This has come at a price though, my son hasn’t talked to me in 2 years. I should have made better choices, different lifestyle choices. Maybe I would have, if I had his mom. I am okay with that though. I rather know my kid is doing good and not talking tome , than being fucked up in jail and not talking to me.

Anyway the older my kids become the younger i am behaving. This time I am not fucked up high on drugs or have kids that i am reasonable for. Instead I am trying to figure out who I am, what do I want to do with the next 40 years or so. I do know it is not working at a job i hate or sitting around pretending” Your vote counts” for Americas next new mascot.

Or it is okay for a woman to breast feed in public. no it is not! Cover that shit up. I also do not care for meaningless chit chat. I sure the hell do not care what is on tv. But give me an xbox and I will be shooting a mother fucker. 

My true calling though is being a nature loving explorer taking Pictures and making calendars, who wants to travel around in her van and doing tarot reading, making chain maile jewelry and wind chimes. With a laptop and tablet repair shop. 

To be young again with awesome dreams.