This only cost 17.00 dollars to build we went down to our local lumber yard. We bought 3 1″ x 2″ x 8″ treated lumber. Would have been 5.00 dollars cheaper if I want to go with untreated wood. than we obtained 1 and 5/8″ screws and 10lb load twine. We where even lucky enough to have the lumber yard cut the wood to size for us. We cut one board in half and that was the side pieces or legs. The third piece was cut into¬† two 5 feet and than the corners were cut into 11 inches on the long side. He placed the bottom rung about a foot up so the legs could go in the ground and some room left between the dirt and rung. We placed screws all along the perimeter about 4 inches apart. I started the twine at the bottom left screw and strung it tight to each screw first horizontally and than vertical. I thought it turned out real nice. I already have my peas and cucumbers seedlings planted. I cant wait to watch the plants grow up this Trellis.