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Rural Spin

Color me optimistic, but I’m calling “spring on its way.” If someone tells me it’s still winter, I’ll call them a stinkin’ liar. It’s spring and this means it’s time to start seeds in preparation for the growing season. It comes quicker than you think!

But along with being optimistic, I am also not rich enough to buy those pre-packaged seed starting kits I’ve seen in the store. I’d rather spend my money on other things like a really nice microbrew once in awhile. I also have a small house (about 800 sf total) and not much room to construct the seed-starting nursery to rival the Colosseum that I’ve seen other people manage. So my seed starting set up has to be cheap, productive, and take up little space.

Luckily, I met all of my criteria for a total cost of about $20 (not counting the cost of seeds). And over half of…

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I want to go to some of these places, Don’t you?

Great Idea

A Sonoma Garden

Speaking of tomatoes, would you like to see how we set up our tomato patch? We’ve tried lots of different methods, from simply sticking the plants into the ground, to using that fancy red plastic mulch (which doesn’t work at all), but this is our absolute favorite method because it really gets water to the roots. It’s a method adapted to our needs from the book, How to Grow World Record Tomatoes (an excellent read). Grown this way we easily get 6 foot – 10 foot tomato plants each year, organically of course!

First we bought a few yards of drainage pipe (like PVC pipe with 1/2″ holes drilled into it) and cut it into 18″ lengths. Then after tilling the beds, we dig a hole with the post hole digger on either side of where the tomato plant will be planted.
Place a length of pipe into the hole.

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Awesome Idea,

As soon as I get some apples I am eating this

Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante

As you all know, I am very much a beginner in the kitchen.  So when my friends assigned both appetizers AND dessert to me for this year’s Thanksgiving, I was in full panic mode as I didn’t want to ruin our entire Thanksgiving dinner.  Dessert, afterall, is the most important part of the meal.  Furthermore, I was instructed that store-bought items were not welcome – because we all know I was already planning a trip to Whole Foods.

After consulting Pinterest for some Apple Pie recipes, I came across this recipe for Apple Pie Baked in the Apple – I thought it was a nice blend of simple instructions and a gourmet look.  I’m always a fan of things that look more impressive than they actually are.

Step 1: Cut off the top of 4 apples off and discard. Remove the inside of each apple with a spoon or melon…

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Gardening With Recyclables

Do you love to garden? Cant find the right container for that plant? I have the same problem, I usually cant afford the bigger pots for my plants, so I started using Old Ice cream buckets, Old coffee containers and my favorite. I have 5 cats so I need a lot of litter, well I buy those big buckets of cat litter and they were starting to be a very large collection, ( I didn’t want to throw them out) Any way I took one turn it over drilled a few holes turn it back put dirt in and plant and whaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaa a very nice planter. I am thinking this spring I might want to paint them or decorate them some how. It is recycling at its best and I saved a ton of money on planters.

Hello world!

I am 39 years old I have many interest that I would like to share with you. First I love nature and I think we all need to preserve mother earth. I love taking pictures and sharing. I make jewelry.I love to cook.I love to Gardening. I love the outdoors. I want to open my own business with my husband. I have three kids who mean the world to me. I have so many interest that I want to share.Oh and we have 5 cats.